Monday, April 6, 2009

My First Family Session

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a family.  I teach with her, and she knew I started doing photography on the side and asked if I would take their family portraits.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Such a precious family!  It was a windy day, but I was able to get some great shots. 

I am going to set up a different blog so I can update about our life and have it separate from my pictures.  Any ideas on names?  I am thinking of the oh so creative Misti Dunlap Photography.  I was hoping you might have some ideas......  any?

I wanted to share some of my favorites from yesterday......  enjoy!  Yes, as you can see, I am obsessed with sepia and black and white photographs.


A Day in the LIfe said...

I LOVE these pictures. You're AWESOME. I need to set something up with you. Let me know when you can do the girls.

Texas Mom said...

I will email you at school and give you my cell phone number..... can't wait to chat!

mitwill said...

Thank you so much for taking our pictures--you did such a wonderful job!

Anita said...

Misti, I think they look wonderful. I love black and white too!
I'm going to brainstorm some photo blog names for you.......
Wishing you luck!

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