Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stitches Smitches

Today was the day. Bailee had her stitches removed. And yes, it was horrible, absolutely horrible. Daddy and Brayden were there too, but had to leave for Brayden's baseball game. So that left only Bailee and I. Let me just say, I am so very glad it is over. I have been dreading the suture removal since the moment they were putting them in. Apparently a couple were buried into the big scab that developed. So yes, they had to dig a couple out. Mind you.... this time there wasn't any numbing medicine. They had to remove most of the scab that had formed, using tweezers. That was the bad part. Ugh! I made it through the whole procedure without passing out! I was pretty proud. Once she calmed down, they gave her a sucker and boy did she love that. The nurse also returned with a specimen cup that contained her sutures they removed. What exactly we are going to do with it..... I don't know. They may make a good show and tell one day.

Anyways, thank God it is over and we can move on!


Beth said...

Sounds like she was overall brave...you too mom!

Anita said...

Oh Misti, poor you and poor Bailee. Thankfully Nick's had no blood or scabs when his stitches were removed, I can see where that would have make is so much worse.
I hope she continues to heal nicely......I hope you found something for a treat.......lollipop, ice cream, brownies...........whatever your poison..LOL.

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