Thursday, December 18, 2008

The True Story of St. Nick

The other morning Brayden and I were on our way to school.  We always listen to KLOVE.  For those of you that aren't familiar with it..... it is an awesome christian radio station.  

Well there was a little segment on there that told about St. Nick.  It goes on and on about the "real" St. Nick and how he disguised himself and then handed out things to those in need.  Brayden and I both were listening intently.  Suddenly.......  I hear St. Nick died in 344 A.D.  But his tradition is still carried on today (something to that effect.... I may have the date wrong.....)

Oh NO!  THEY DID NOT JUST SAY THAT, was my first thought.  I cringed.  I dreaded the words I knew he would say and at the same time, I am praying that he didn't hear that part.  Well he did hear it loud and clear....  our conversation went like this....

Brayden: "Mommy did you just hear that?  St. Nick really died?"

Me: "What honey?"

Brayden: "They just said St. Nick died!"

Me: "Yes, I did hear it.  But honey, that was a long, long time ago."

Brayden: "St. Nick still gives toys though.  How could he do that if he isn't alive?"

Me: "Like they said.... we still carry the tradition.  He lives in our hearts."

Brayden: "But Santa and St. Nick are friends.  Does that mean that Santa is dead?"

Me: "No way is Santa dead.  Absolutely not!"

Brayden: "Thank goodness."

I would really like to call KLOVE and ask them to please take away the part that tells of him dying.  We heard it again yesterday and Brayden says "oh, here is that story again about St. Nick and how he isn't alive anymore."  (as he is rolling his eyes)  

Have any of you listened to KLOVE and heard the same story?  I can so relate to the whole.... we have lost the true meaning of Christmas and have commercialized it too much.  But I treasure the magic in my children's eyes as I read Christmas stories to them, or as we write letters to Santa, or even when they see the empty plate where Santa's cookies were, the night before, and all that is left, are crumbs.  I love and cherish those memories!  I am going to hang onto them as long as I can.  Thank goodness he seemed to accept my explanation and has not brought it up since.  Woo.... escaped that one without a scratch!


Beth said...

it is so hard to balance the two parts of our Christmas. On Sunday our Pastor made a lovely comment... I can't get the exact point across but she it was something like "The whole Santa and Jesus thing gets confusing...." Her point being is that we can talk about both... etc. She was speaking to the children at that point... Anyway...

Anita said...

It's very hard to keep the Santa thing going in our society, the secular world that raises gift giving to all all time high and exudes greed, where Santa in most of my friend's eyes is an innocent mystery and lovely part of childhood.
We worked hard ot balance it and I think we did fine, I was sad as each of my 3 began to question it. This is my youngest child's first Christmas not believing, and yet we'll still do stockings and a santa gift ie surprises, and it's all good.
We always had the added pleasure of giving to those less fortunate, really discussing the birth of Christ and what a gift God gave to us.
I'm sure you'll balance it well Misti. and I agree....Whew, hope your little one keeps believeing for years to come.

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