Saturday, December 13, 2008

Greyson Morris has earned his wings......

It is with a heavy heart that I say, Greyson Morris earned his angel wings this past Friday. He peacefully went to sleep on his daddy's chest, his favorite place to be.  Please keep Bill, Nicole, Luke, Seth, and Riley in your prayers.  They have a special angel watching over them.

It is unbelievable the amount of lives that Greyson has touched.  I just know he will continue to touch lives from his heavenly home.  I would like to post a prayer that another teacher sent out upon the news of Greyson's passing.



Would it be ok to talk to Greyson for a moment?




Although you were not here very long, you managed to touch a lot of people.  Your smile, character and courage are something we as adults often strive for but never achieve.  Though you are gone, you will not be forgotten, and In fact you look over all those you left behind.  You are whole again as The Heavenly Father who made you does to all of his angels.  You will be waiting for your family, and when they arrive, they will be greeted by that same smile, character and courage they remember so well this painful day. 


Greyson, you now know your purpose here with us for The Lord has told you and explained to you all that is still a mystery to us, so that when we arrive, you will share in that and the explanation will be clear!


Greyson, there are many heavy hearts right now and you know that you can and will touch them all.  Whenever they are sad, you will be there in a fleeting memory! Whenever they weep, you will be that distraction to draw them away from their pain!  Most importantly, when it becomes too unbearable for your family, you will simply turn to your right and ask God to lift that burden and he will carry them!


Thank you Greyson for touching so many…. and Lord…Thank you for sending him here!   


In your Heavenly name we Pray,




Carrie said...

It is so true... I only "met" Greyson and his family just a few days ago, and I have thought about them quite a bit ever since. Such a beautiful little boy.

Beth said...

I, too, have told people about Greyson... so many people are praying for the family...thanks for sharing this with us!

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