Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Epitome of Love

Tonight I was able to see little Greyson and his family.  He was sleeping so soundly, the entire time.  It was such a blessing to see them all.  I am grateful that they opened their home to others. They are truly an incredible family.  They think of others in their most difficult times.  I can just imagine how truly precious these last moments with their son are to them, and tonight they shared that time.  That in itself is amazing to me.  Not only is Greyson going to be impacting others, but the entire family is, in ways that may never be known to them. 

The entire trip out there, I prayed for strength.  I begged for strength.  Once again, God provided.
For the past almost two weeks, I have consumed myself with researching Krabbes Disease.  I have contacted others that have been affected by this horrible disease.  I did this because I felt so completely helpless.  I was frantic searching for answers, knowing that some may never be known.  I have found comfort in reading God's word.  I brought an extra bible to school.  It sits on my desk.  I find myself grabbing it between classes, during my conference period, and lunch time.  I can just see a student asking, "Hey Mrs. Dunlap, whatcha reading there?"  Then going home and telling his/her parents that Mrs. Dunlap was reading the Bible today in class.  Can't you imagine the phone calls I would receive!  Nope, don't want to open that can of worms!

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Beth said...

I say open that can... Yesterday I told a student that I would pray for him... as he stormed out of my room...he then peeked around the corner to see if I was..lol

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