Friday, December 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye.... For Now.....

Tomorrow is Greyson Morris' memorial service.  My heart hurts, thinking about his family.  We celebrate his life.  We grieve with his family.  We shed tears for what might have been.  We shed tears of anger.  Anger at such a horrible disease.  Anger that it is not screened for in our state. But we have hope.  Hope for the future of newborn screening.   

This precious boy has touched so very many.  He will continue to touch so very many from heaven.   

We will fight for Grey.  We will join the forces.  We will become soldiers raging a war against Krabbes disease.  We will fight to get newborn screening required for fatal diseases.  We will not quit, we will fight until the end, until victory, just as Grey did.    

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Heydad said...

Misti, Thank you for taking up the banner in this fight for Grey. I Love your passion & caring for my family. I look forward to joining you at the banner when I can breath again. Love you, Bill.

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