Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Visit to the Emergency Room

Still we wait....... I keep thinking today is the day we will have baby sheep. I have thought that each day for almost a week. Okay, so now I am thinking we are a little off on our days when we "thought" the ewes were bred. With the excitement and expectation of finding a little lamb on the ground, you would think it was me that was fixing to have a baby. Justin too has been anxious.

Justin was out of town and returned on Saturday. I have to say I am relieved that nothing happened while he was gone. I didn't exactly have a plan in place for what I would do if I found we had babies.

Nothing happened that is as far as having baby sheep. That's not to say we didn't have enough excitement around here while he was out of town.

Let's see...... Friday I spent a wonderful evening with my in-laws....... at the Emergency Room!
Bailee has been fighting a respiratory infection and it worsened late Friday afternoon. Justin felt bad about being in Fort Worth and not here with his daughter and called his parents. Thank goodness Doug and Sayde met me there and kept Bailee and I company. It was a long four hours.

Poor Justin, I think he was more worried about what I was going to blog regarding his not being here for the ER visit. Doesn't he know me better than that??? (wink wink) Hey, at least he placed 2
nd with the Dorper in Fort Worth!

Well enough for now..... time to call it a day.....

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