Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Few Ramblings.........

Happy Tuesday! I am so excited our five month old daughter rolled over! It was about time! I am home with her today because she is sick. I am so grateful for being able to be home on the day she decides to perform! I just hop my middle schoolers aren't giving the sub too much trouble!

Well in a few days Justin will be heading to Fort Worth Stock Show. I hope his kids do well! Last weekend was the
Kerrille Stockshow and one of his students placed very well!

I will again be holding down the fort during his absence! We are scheduled to begin lambing during the time he is gone. That should be interesting! I will post about those events. I am sure there will be great stories to tell.

Of course the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is sneaking up on us quick! Justin is getting so nervous about it. It is because he is so passionate about it and wants his kids to do well. It is no wonder he has high blood pressure at 29! Go figure!

I am so proud at what he has accomplished in his short 1 1/2 years at New
Braunfels High School. He started out with about 6 sheep on feed and now has over 50! That is a HUGE accomplishment. It all goes well the Comal County Youth Show will be one of the first shows to have sheep outnumber goats in the next couple of years! I anxiously await that! Enough ramblings for now!

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