Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mutton Bustin Acccident

Well Sunday was the official day Justin and I received our STUPID PARENT AWARD. Our son Brayden who is 5, is entered in for the Mutton Bustin at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. It is unlikely he will be chosen so when he asked if he could ride our sheep in the back, we said......YES!

Of course we made sure he had his bike helmet on. Safety first!

The four of us trudged to the barn. I had
Bailee on one arm and my camera on the other. Brayden ran ahead of us, ready for his ride! I couldn't wait for some great pictures.

As Daddy got the sheep ready for the ride of its life,
Brayden began to get nervous but was ready to go.

Well, I never got around to taking the pictures. In no time
Brayden was on the lamb and daddy slapped the sheep and off it shot! Poor Brayden was holding on for dear life! The crazy ewe ran straight for the fence. Brayden was riding it sideways, refusing to let go, as his back was slammed against the fence, all along the ewe is running full speed ahead.

Daddy ran in to the rescue and grabbed
Brayden off of the sheep. By this time Brayden is bawling and holding his back and rightly so of course.......

Justin lifted up his shirt and his back looked HORRIBLE. After some love, he quieted down and let us put a cold rag on it. He informed us that he will never be riding a sheep again. We agreed that, that was a good idea.

Now a few days have passed and
Brayden is proud of his bruises. He loves telling everyone how it happened. As he tells the story Justin and I want to bury our heads. What crazy parents would encourage this????? Needless to say Brayden learned a lesson and so did we.

As parents we should have said no right away.
Brayden learned that, this was one of those times daddy and mommy should have said no and didn't, and that when we do say no, it is for his own good. Gosh what were we thinking!!!!!

It does make for a good memory though! We definitely will not forget this accident!

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