Monday, June 22, 2009

This and that....

We are settling into a normal routine since our beach trip knocked us all out of whack. Okay, that is not completely true. We have really messed up the kids schedules since the beginning of Summer. We were doing good to get them in bed by 10:00 and then the kids and I would sleep in until about 9:00 or so. It was not unusual for Brayden and Bailee to be chasing each other around the house and playing hiding go seek until late, late.

Today, daddy and I decided that we have got to get things back into some sort of order. After dinner we bathed the kids and put them in their beds and they were both asleep by 8:30. Yay! Of course, that means they will be getting up much earlier, but it is so much better for them.

Father's Day was good. Justin had to clean up at the Fair Grounds from the steer show on Saturday. He was there until about noon. We then headed to his parents house to celebrate. Afterwards, daddy and Bailee headed home to nap, and Brayden and I attended a celebration. I will post more about the wonderful celebration on the passing of Greyson's Law, when I can appropriately put it into words. I wasn't able to spend time with my dad because he is at the beach hanging out with my mom. I was able to talk to him though. Oh, he is one funny guy. For those of you that know him personally, you can attest to that.

The other day in the car.... (remember, car rides are when Brayden and I get into these deep conversations). Brayden started asking me all sorts of questions. He asked me if back in the olden days, if things looked like they do now or if they looked old. I asked him what he meant and he said, "you know, like in old pictures." I laughed and asked if he meant if life was in black and white. That was exactly what he was talking about. I explained film to him and the whole bit and then I began to giggle because I remember being his age and thinking that back in the old days.... people actually saw in black and white. He then changed the subject and started talking about Abraham Lincoln, and about how he was murdered. He asked me if I was alive back then and ever saw Lincoln before he died. Made me realize that to him....., I am old as dirt. Oh, that boy.

Here is a picture of Brayden I took the day before we left for the beach. I bought a new lens that is soooooo great. I love it. This was one of the first shots I took with the lens.
Doesn't he look like an angel? Ha! Couldn't tell from this picture that this little stinker is really trying his wings. Poor guy, is spending most of his time grounded from tv. Oh, that mouth of his..... tonight over dinner he proceeds to tell his daddy and I.... "yeah, well I don't behave as good for mommy as I do for you daddy." When we asked him why..... "because I know that daddy will bust my bottom and mommy won't." Oh, did he open a can of worms! Kids are so sneaky!

Speaking of dinner, while at the beach I was introduced to cooking on a griddle. Watch out world.... I am one mean grilled cheese maker. Now with the grill.... it is on! So today I bought one for me. I cooked pancakes AND bacon. I can't tell you how beautiful that thing cooked the pancakes AND bacon. Oh, at one time I dreaded making pancakes. I don't have an appropriate pan to cook them in and I couldn't flip the darn things over correctly to save my life. At times, my pancakes weren't cooked thoroughly either. But not anymore! We will be eating lots and lots and lots of pancakes and bacon and eggs! The greatest thing is.... it has a little drip pan. I save my bacon grease for refried beans and the drip pan makes it so much easier to transfer. Just a tip though, don't hold the grease jar with one hand and pour with the other. It will spill all over your hand and not only will it hurt like heck, you will have one huge mess! I speak from experience. Here is the griddle I got at Walmart for 20 bucks! I LOVE IT!

Oh, and I wanted to share an unusual story. For those of you that saw my post about the wild cat that was trapped in my car (we named him Meany)..... well, Meany has adopted this kitten that showed up at our house about 2 weeks ago. Let me tell you, I can assure you that Meany is a very well endowed male, I am positive this cat is male. Without getting into too much detail.... there are definitely two testicles hanging from this cat.

Anyways...... so this kitten shows up, this ragged little tiny thing. I noticed right away that Meany seemed to accept it and actually seemed to have taken it under his wing. Well, the next day, I find Meany our adult MALE cat letting this kitten nurse on him. What the heck? Who in the world has ever heard of such a thing. Here is a picture of the kitten nursing. Craziness, I tell ya!
I don't know what to make of it...... It has now been two weeks and that kitten still nurses on Meany. Meany has no hair surrounding one nipple where the kitten has worn it off from nursing so much. Poor Meany, is he having an identity crisis? Aren't male cats usually territorial? Who knew? And the weirdest thing is...... the kitten nurses like it is actually getting milk.

Well, I have babbled on enough. I am headed to bed to snuggle up and read my latest novel. Goodnight all and have a GREAT Tuesday!

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Beth said...

Are you sure Meany is a male? Yikes! Sounds like a fun summer so far!

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