Friday, June 12, 2009

A Scary Evening

Yesterday at about 10:00 in the morning. Bailee started acting puny. She was running a fever of 102 and we started her on Tylenol. We called her pediatrician and made an appointment for 3:50. The rest of the day was spent with her being fussy and lethargic and would not eat anything. Daddy was so good and took care of her while I went to a hair appointment, and he even took her to her doctor's appt. I had assumed it was her ears. We are leaving for the beach on Sunday or Monday and I wanted to make sure we covered our bases before leaving town. Sure enough, her ears were clear but her throat was horrible. They ran a strep test but it came back negative. They sent her home with the regular oh, it's a virus and it will just have to run its course. Later that evening, I laid her down at about 8:00. She still had fever of 102 but it wasn't time for medicine yet.

About an hour later I hear her crying so I went into her room. She had vomited all over the place. When I picked her up out of her bed, I noticed she was burning up. I grabbed the thermometer (we have the one that scans the forehead, I've seen the pediatrician's office use the same one). It read 106.2. I panicked! I checked my temp and it said 98.2 so I knew it was pretty accurate. I took her temp again and it said 105.8. I grabbed her and began filling up the bathtub. After wetting her down and taking her out of the bath, I got a temp reading of 105. Better, but still high. I had Brayden run to the barn and tell his daddy that his sister had a very high temp and that I was calling the doctor.

After 15 minutes we still hadn't heard from the doctor but knew he would tell us to head to the ER. We were one step ahead. The doctor ended up calling when we pulled up to the ER. He definitely said to get in there and wanted them to run some blood work and give her antibiotic shots.

The ER was able to get her temp down to 101.9 which we were very please with. When we finally got back there to see the doctor (3 hours later) Bailee was perking up. You could tell her fever was going down.

When the doctor came in to look at her, he was so pleased at how she was acting. He was concerned about such a high fever and was worried about her seizing. He said it would be a different story if he had seen her when she had the 106 fever. We would have been looking at a spinal tap and all sorts of horrible tests. Justin and I were so thankful that the fever was lower. I can't imagine having to put her through all that.

They ended up giving her two injections of powerful antibiotics and sent us home with a script for Amoxicillan. We were home by 2:00 in the morning. She slept from about 2:30-4:00 but that it about it. We are doing Ibuprofen and Tylenol every 3 hours. We have managed to keep her temp at 100 without it going anywhere near 106.

Although I feel like I have the biggest hang over, I am sure it is nothing compared to how Bailee felt. We are so very thankful that things turned out well and that no scary tests had to be done.

We will definitely be ready for some relaxation at the beach!


Beth said...

Oh how scary! I am glad you are maintaining a lower temp! That only happen once for us...scary stuff! Hope you are able to get to the beach!

Anita said...

I can't imagine how scary that temp was. My kids run fevers, its' not a surprise to see 104, but 105 or 106 would have put me into action too. I'm glad you're able to keep it down and hopefully the meds will do their job and your baby will be back to her old self. I hope you get some rest too.

Melanie Mueller said...

That is so scary! Poor little Bailee! I am so glad she is doing better. XOXOXOX!!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad they got her temp down and she was able to sleep some. Very scary!

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