Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh.... I love Summer!

Craziness.  That is what our first week of Summer was like.  Let's see.... where to begin.  First off, I had an appointment with a dermatologist on Monday.  I had a spot on my cheek that I was concerned about and as soon as I went in, they said it was coming off.  I am such a weanie.  I had no time to prepare myself for shots and stitches.  (Today, I had the stitches removed and found out that the biopsy was negative for cancer!  Praise God!)  

Then on Thursday Brayden had his first dentist appointment EVER.  Yes, I know.  He is six and just now going to the dentist.  Don't worry... I know I am not in the running for the mommy of the year award.  He did so good.  I was so proud. Come to find out.... he has 7 cavities.  I know what you are thinking..... doesn't he ever brush his teeth.  The answer is yes, but rarely does he floss, and he won't let me help him brush.  All the cavities are between his molars.  Who knew?.... I thought daily or at least every other day brushing was enough at his age..... lesson learned.  I have now turned into the obsessed mommy who brushes my son's teeth with a timer AND flosses between every nook and cranny.  His teeth are so white and purty.... that I never dreamed in a million years that he would have that many cavities.  

THEN.... later that day....  Justin had to get a complete physical through his school district so he can continue transporting students.  His blood pressure was sky high and he was sent straight over to his GP and put on blood pressure medication.  31 years old and on blood pressure medication.  Craziness I tell ya!  We are in the process of getting the medication straight.  I learned again that I need to be careful for what I wish for.  Justin is ALWAYS revved up and ready to go.  He can not sit and just relax.  He always has to be doing something.  I was just talking to him about slowing down and relaxing.  Well the medication he is taking makes him feel extremely tired and run down.  Poor guy.  Say a prayer that the doctors can get it straight sooner than later.

Let's see.... what else.....

Brayden had an appointment today for some stomach issues with chronic mouth ulcers.  We are being referred on to a pediatric GI.  His doctor thinks he is going to need to be scoped at both ends.  I am not looking forward to that AT ALL.  I will keep everyone updated on that issue. 

Now for some good news.....  

Justin had a skeet shooting team at a contest today.  Guess what..... they won state!  That is pretty exciting!  One of the team members received a full scholarship to A&M for skeet shooting.  I am thinking Brayden needs to start target practice.  Ha! 

Other than all the craziness that has been going on....  we are good and life is good.  


Beth said...

My first week of summer usually is like that...catching up on things I "should" have done before...

When did you go back after your flu closure?

Anita said...

You have just been one busy woman. I feel your pain on cavities. Nick was 3 or 4 first time I took him, and I knew there was a dark spot on one of his molars, but not just that one, he had 5 or 6 cavities, I've blocked the details mentally they were so ugly. I cried that I'd let my baby not brush so well, I cried that I let him drink lemonade out of a sippy cup so long. The best part? They were all baby teeth and have gone away and his permanent teeth are all good. He is still not the best brusher or flosser.
It's good to see you blogging, missed you!

Sue said...

I have to tell you about this tree bark stuff my hubby started making/drinking for high blood pressure. He got it at the health food store - it's called Pau d' Arco Bark and he took it for a week or two and his high blood pressure dropped to a really good level quickly. Your hubby might want to look into this if you're interested. My hubby swears by it now!

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.