Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Wedding

Yesterday evening, my brother was married. His wife's name is Crissy. We love her. It is so funny because I wear my brother out..... and he married someone very much like me! Ha!

It is so refreshing seeing him so happy. Crissy brings out the best in him and is a go getter. She pushes him to achieve his wishes and dreams and that is just what he needs.

I photographed the wedding and wanted to share some pictures of the happy couple.

Here they are with Granny Ruth. She is 87 and can still
run circles around all of us! She is a nut! Can't you tell from the picture!
Oh, how I LOVE that lady!
My mom and a want to give them a canvas wrap of either the first or second picture posted. We can't decide which one though. Any suggestions?


Anita said...

I love the first one, the look on her face and the color...........beautiful work as always!

Melanie Mueller said...

I vote for the second one since you can see Bubba lovingly looking at her too. They look so happy. Great pictures!!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful couple! The pics look great, Misti! I love the first one!

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