Sunday, July 19, 2009

Annual Beach Trip

Thursday we left for the beach, and we returned home today. We had a great time! Each year, Aunt Sue takes the family on a vacation. This year we headed to Padre Island. We spent the time visiting, playing 42, swimming in the pool, and even caught a Hook's Game. It was a wonderful vacation! Thank you Aunt Sue for so many GREAT memories!

For dinner one evening we headed to Crawdaddy's. It is a great place. We enjoy the atmosphere and food. They have karaoke, which Brayden loves. He sang a few songs and then he and I sang a few together. It was great fun! He is not shy! Brayden and I sang We Go Together off of GREASE and also sang From this Moment by Shania Twain (it happens to be the song Justin and I danced to at our wedding), and then Brayden sang What a Wonderful World.

The next night, we headed into Corpus Christi to catch a Hooks Game. They are the minor league team of the Astros. It was great. We had great seats, but had to keep our eyes peeled for foul balls. Brayden was able to get a lot of autographs from the Rough Riders, which is a minor league team of the Texas Rangers. Bailee enjoyed the game too! Heck she was allowed to polish off a whole bag of cotton candy.... who wouldn't enjoy that? She danced the night away and cheered the players on. It was priceless!
During the game, daddy and Brayden went over to the bull pen to watch the pitchers warming up. A ball was hit over the fence and daddy ran like a crazy person to get it. He was able to hand it over to Brayden. The look on Brayden's face was priceless. Brayden asked the players if they needed it back and of course, they told him it was his to keep.
Well...... fast forward to about 45 minutes...... 7th inning. Apparently Brayden had talked his Opi into going to play catch with him and his new ball. Back near the bull pen is where they headed. They tossed the ball back and forth a few times. Brayden began insisting that Opi was throwing it too low and that he needed to throw higher. Opi explained to Brayden that he didn't want to hit him in the face.... yes, you can tell where this story is headed.... But Brayden insisted he throw higher. Opi's next throw landed smack dab into Brayden's mouth and knocked out his loose tooth and busted his lip! He ran back to our seats to tell daddy and I about it. His mouth was bloody and his tooth was gone! I immediately asked where his tooth was..... being that I am hugely sentimental and this was his FIRST tooth..... Guess what.... he lost it! At one point he had it in his hand and in the excitement of rushing over to tell us..... he dropped it.

You can imagine what this overly sentimental mommy did..... yep, you guessed it! I had Opi take me to the exact spot where it happened and spent the rest of the game on my hands and knees looking for his tooth. Oh yes I did! And yep, people stopped and asked if I needed help finding something. When I explained what I was looking for they kept going. Ha! It was kinda funny.

The pitchers in the bull pen were giving Brayden a hard time for not helping me look for it. The game ended and I knew that the tooth would forever be on the Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi. It took everything I had to leave it there. We talked briefly to Thomas Diamond. He was super nice.

Upon returning to our condo, Aunt Sue and Brayden wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, explaining what had happened to his tooth. When Brayden awoke this morning....... he had a $10 bill! Actually, Brayden and I had slept on the same twin bed.... he had gotten up earlier and looked under his pillow and didn't find anything but his note was gone. Well once I got up out of the bed..... we found it under my backside! Ha! Guess we moved a whole lot in the night!
So now Brayden is $10 richer and his FIRST tooth is out on Whataburger Field somewhere.

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Shelley said...

Had so much fun! I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time.

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