Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Successful Day!

Today was a great day thanks to Craigslist! I sold a bunk bed set of Brayden's AND my Nikon D40! And, being that we are leaving for Disney World on Monday, the extra cash is going to come in handy! Oh, I can't wait to go! There are a whole lot of us going, like 16 people! My parents decided that for their 40 wedding anniversary they wanted to take the family to Disney World. What a treat! In the mid 80's my dad was stationed in South Florida, so we were able to go to Disney World a few times when family from Texas would come and visit. To this day, I remember the exhilaration of being there. It is such a happy place.

Back to my successful day...... Since I now use my D90 I didn't need the D40 camera any longer and since Brayden doesn't EVER sleep in his bed, I decided to sell them both, and get a double bed that I can lay in with him while I read him a book, etc. Hopefully by the time school starts he will be booted out of our room! That boy is growing like a weed and it is no fun having him in our bed. There have been a few nights this Summer, that all four of us were in one bed. Talk about not getting ANY sleep!

About three days ago I started on organizing our playroom and going through toys. Well being my ADD self..... as I was dealing with the toys and telling Brayden that new toys are a thing of the past and that he will not be getting new things until he turns 20, I noticed that the wallpaper was peeling so I pulled it a little to see how easy it would come off, and before I new it, half of the wall was naked! ..... needless to say, I ended up NOT organizing the playroom and instead stripped the wall, primed it, and I am now in the process of painting. Ugh, my attention span is the pits! Justin came home and saw the mess and had the "we didn't discuss this" look on his face. Surprise honey!

My plan for the playroom is to finish painting the playroom white, and then blow up some great shots of the kids that I have taken and having them printed on a canvas wrap! I can't wait! I will share the final product when I am done. I had intended to take a before shot.... didn't get there. Imagine that!


Beth said...

Great Day! Have fun WDW... I was going to say something about the heat but you are from Texas! lol

Anita said...

oh exciting a Disney Vacation!
I do things like that, peeling the wall paper and moving on to a whole new project, it drives my husband crazy, but I guess by now he's learning to go with the flow...LOL.
Good luck with Braden's room, and convincing everyone to sleep in their own rooms :).

Sue said...

Have a great time in WDW - I LOVE that place! I think hubby & I are due for another visit soon - we were last there in 2002.

Great that you were able to sell your camera and bunk bed for extra cash! Always good to have a little more fun money on vacation :-)


A Day in the LIfe said...

Have a great time. It truly is the most magical place on Earth. The look on the kids faces is priceless.

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