Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Swine Flu Vacation!

This has been the most relaxing and enjoyable break. We have accomplished a lot around here. Thursday we cleaned out our garage and filled a horse trailer full of junk. On Friday Justin and I and the kids headed to my parents house (a.k.a Grammy and Papaw) and cleaned and organized their garage. Again, we filled up the livestock trailer full of junk and took it to the dump. It was wonderful to accomplish so much but I paid for it yesterday. I didn't have the energy for much of anything. Brayden and daddy left early Saturday morning to go out of town for a sheep sale. Bailee and I had a girls weekend. We cleaned house, washed clothes, danced around the living room, and hung out with a friend. Today Bailee and I worked in the garden we had planted a week ago today. We already have cucumbers, squash, okra, and corn sprouting. It is a lot of fun! We are still waiting for our peppers, tomatoes, and carrots to sprout. Hopefully they will.

Tonight, we baked some brownies after the boys came home. The kids got to lick the bowl. I remember doing this as a kid and loving every minute of it. My kids obviously enjoy chocolate too!

Tomorrow's agenda...... my cardiologist check up, vet appointment for Honeybear, and building my teacher website and adding learning activities on it. We received an email from the district and they are requiring all teachers to build their website and post activities that students can do while school is closed since we are suppose to be working and this way they can keep paying us. Wish me luck!

Here are some pictures of planting our garden and some of the kids from tonight, enjoying brownie batter. Life is good!


Melanie Mueller said...

Sounds like you are having a good and productive week or so off. I am so glad. Love the picture of the kids with the brownie bowl. So cute!!

Beth said...

Yum brownines! you are getting a wonderful jump on Summer! yo have to make up the days??

Anita said...

Wow you were able to get so much done............good for you!!!
Nothing like licking a brownie batter bowl.

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