Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden Tales

This evening the kids and I worked in the garden after dinner. Our vegetables are all coming up, slowly but surely. Our weeds on the other hand, are thriving. I took it upon myself to utilize the gardening gloves I had purchased. I tell you..... there were a ton of weeds. At one point I had two cactus thorns in my finger. They were the BIG ones that pull your skin with it as you try to tug on it. It hurt like heck!

After we finished pulling weeds, we watered. I couldn't resist spraying the kids, of course. As I was finishing up with the watering, Brayden yells out "Oh my gosh!". He said this as he was bending down looking at Bailee's leg. Of course being the snakephobic (pretty sure that isn't a word) person I am, I immediately think it is a snake. Brayden then says, "Bailee is covered in cactus thorns all on the back of her legs." Because I didn't see her near the LARGE cactus in the corner of our garden, I thought he was full of it. Well...... it turns out he was NOT exaggerating. Her legs were covered in thorns. At this point I am trying not to panic. I debate whether or not to call my mom. She always knows what to do. I decided though to put on my big girl panties and deal with it myself.

All I pictured was the her experience with getting stitches and us having to hold her down during it. I knew immediately that this would AGAIN require us holding her down to pull those suckers out. Sure enough the kids and I got on the golf cart. I held her across my legs on her belly and Brayden held her legs for me. We both began pulling out the thorns. Poor little Bailee screamed her little head off. She knew we were helping her out but you know it hurt like the dickens! After her bath, I found 5 more! Poor Brayden had tears in his eyes. He hates to see his sister so upset. Thankfully all is now calm and the kids are sound asleep in their beds and Daddy is on his way home from a meeting and life is good.

Tonight, I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Brayden and Bailee together. It was one that daddy took on Easter morning. Can't you see the love the have for each other? Too cute!


Melanie Mueller said...

Poor Bailee! Glad all is calm again. And what a sweet picture of those cute!!!!

Anita said...

Oh goodness! Poor little Bailee. You must have some nasty cati in your area.
Those two are the picture.

Sarah said...

Poor Bailee! I have been stuck many times... it is never fun. I am an ag teacher's wife, too. This will be my husband's first year teaching... we are excited!

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