Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Tonight we headed over to Uncle Ron's and Aunt Sue's for their 3rd annual Halloween Bash! My dear friends The Morris' were able to join us and so was Nicole's mom, Ms. Parks. We had such a good time. Of course, we had Bailee that refused at first to put on a costume, then of course poor Riley was shot in the eye with a NERF arrow/bullet, and ended up with a scratched eyeball. So yes, we kept our tradition for drama.

That reminds me of the other night.... a good friend of mine and I were talking and she made a comment about drama..... and I said.... "oh, drama, I hate drama, but everywhere I go, it seems to follow me." She of course just chuckled and said.... "yeah, sure Misti." But in reality I do..... but yes, my life is full of drama.

Having a little girl is adding to that drama. We went through THREE costumes this Halloween. ALL THREE itched her so, and she refused to wear them. We were finally able to get her in the Cinderella costume for just a bit. Oh, and her latest antic of refusing to look at the camera when I pull it out.... now THAT is about to drive me CRAZY.

Then of course there is Brayden...... as we are trick or treating tonight...... there was this particular house..... well let's just say their garage was overflowing.... and the home owners were in the driveway handing out candy.... as we were walking up to them.... Brayden yells out... "hey look, it's a garage sale too!" Daddy and I about died.... we were so embarrassed. The funny thing is..... our garage is in the same shape and we aren't having a garage sale any time soon. Ugh.... kids!

All in all we had a wonderful night with family and friends. Here are some of shots from tonight. HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL!
Here is my favorite shot..... daddy wearing Bailee's tiara. Doesn't it look like he is having a blast?


Beth said...

Looks like a drama filled night! lol Your dh is a trooper!

Have a nice day!

Nicole said...

Thanks for a great night! Justin should have worn the mustache in that last pic!

Sue said...

Looks like everyone had a great Halloween in your house. Too funny about the garage sale comment - lol

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