Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flag Football

Today Brayden played his first game of Flag Football. He only tackled once. All afternoon before the game he kept saying.... wish me luck mom, this is my first game. He was so excited to get on that field. During the school day, at recess, his favorite thing to do is play touch football on the playground. He says he has been practicing ALL year for today.

We enjoyed watching him thoroughly. It was great! His expressions as he is playing are hilarious. Although he seems a little on the small side for his age.... he is a heck of a football player. I said in the previous post that he looked just like daddy but was 100% me.... well I sorta lied... his athletic ability came from daddy. I don't have a sliver of athleticism in me. I was able to get some great action shots. Check them out. Can't you see the determination and competitive attitude in his face?

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Melanie Mueller said...

He sure looks determined and still so handsome!!

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