Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meet Timon!

I want to introduce you to Timon. Timon is a little boy who lives in Tanzania. We as a family, are sponsoring Timon through Compassion. Compassion is a great organization I found out about through a SHE event I attended with Rebecca St. James. I have always wanted to sponsor a child but worried that my funds would not go directly to the child. Well, I have researched Compassion and it is the REAL deal!

I have to admit, I was nervous about committing to this child. Money is tight. But, I couldn't pass this up. My heart led me to it. It is 38.00 a month to sponsor a child through Compassion. The way I looked at it.... that is 1 1/2 pedicures. I can sacrifice my occasional pedicures and use that money for a better cause.

What an opportunity this is for my children. I can't wait for Brayden and Timon to be able to write letters back and forth. As I introduced this to my family tonight, as we were all huddled together on Brayden's bed, Brayden's eyes lit up with excitement but soon became teary when I told him about Timon's life.

You see, Timon lives with his grandmother. He lost his parents to AIDS. There are four children in the family. The grandmother is sometimes employed as a farmer. His favorite game is hide-n-seek. Our sponsorship will provide Timon with Bible classes, health screening, educational field trips, sports, hygiene education, picnics, school uniforms, and educational materials.

I encourage you to research Compassion. Read the testimonials from people like Micheal W. Smith, he has sponsored the same child for years and has been able to meet his child. See what it is all about. Click here to visit their website. Join me in giving up that extra something and sponsor a child! I look forward to hearing about your experience and I look forward to sharing our experience with you.


Melanie Mueller said...

What a sweet boy! We have been looking into doing this. I just need to sit down and do it. Such a great thing!

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing this! I will talk to my hubby about Compassion and pray that God would show us what/where we can be of service to these kids.

Blessings to your "new addition" Timon and to all of you :-D


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